Scientific Program

DAY 1Thursday, 09th November , 2017
08:30-10:00VIDEO SESSION I - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator: Ghassan Tin, Yousef Almurawi, Manaf Al Hashimi
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08:30-10:00Session I: Urolitiasis
Moderators: Noor Buchholz, Dawood Kashmoula
08:30-09:00Technique Based Video Session (How I Do It): Endoscopic Management of Uppertract Urothelial Neoplasms, Arthur Smith
09:00-10:00The 2 cm Stone( My Technique is the Best) - Debate
09:00-09:15Conventional PCNL, Evangelos Liatiskos
09:15-09:30Mini PCNL, Janak Desai
09:30-09:45ESWL, Abhay Rane
09:45-10:00RIRS, Yasser Farahat
10:00-10:15COFFEE BREAK
10:45-12:30VIDEO SESSION II - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator: Tamer Felfela, Ismail Hassan, Emad Elsobky
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10:45-12:00Session II : Laparoscopy & Robotics Technique Based Video Session
Moderators: Younis Alshamsi, Yasser Saeedi
10:45-11:00Technique Based Video Session (How I Do It): Robotic Partial Nephrectomy, Chandru Sundaram
11:00-11:15Challenging Cases in Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy, Ali Kural
11:15-11:30Step by step Robotic Intracorporeal Radical Cystectomy with Studer Pouch,
Yasar Ozgok
11:30-11:45Robotic Ureteric Re-implantation, Ali Gozen
11:45-12:00How to avoid the incontinence after radical prostatectomy: role of the surgical anatomy, Clement Claude Abbou
12:00-12:30Industry Supported Symposium
VIDEO SESSION III - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator: Moderator: Ibrahim Bani Hani, Ibrahim Mokhles, Hamdi Abutaleb
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13:30-14:45Session III : BPH: Update on surgical management and how I do it?
Moderator: Rajaiee Mahran
13:30-13:45TURP, Mohsen El-Mekresh
13:45-14:00HOLEP, Hisham Maghraby
14:00-14:15Green Light Laser, Gordon Muir
14:15-14:25Transurethral Thulium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (THULEP): Step By Step Technique, Marco Raber
14:25-14:35Robotic Adenectomy of BBH, Raed Azhar
14:35- 14:45Other alternatives in BPH management, Noor Buchholz
14:45-15:15Industry Supported Symposium
15:15-15:45COFFEE BREAK
15:45-18:00ORAL ABSTRACTS SESSION I - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator: Omer Al-Derwish, Hosam Al-Qudah, Riyad Al Mousa
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15:45-17:15Session IV: Conjoined Societies Session
Moderator: Mohsen El-Mekresh
15:45-16:00Penile Prosthesis Outcome : 3 Decades of Local Experience, Ismail Abbarah, EUS
16:00-16:15Arab Journal of Urology : Past, Present and Future, Ahmed Shokeir, AAU
16:15-16:30Update on Vesico Ureteric Reflux in Children, Mohmad Eissa, EUA
16:30-16:45Robotic Partial Nephrectomy (Trans and Retroperitoneal Approach), Raed Azhar, SUA
16:45-17:00Initial Kuwait Experience of Supine PCNL, Technique and Outcome, Adel Al Hunayan, KUA
17:00-17:15Robotic Pyeloplasty: technique and troubleshooting, Chandru Sundaram, AUA
17:15-18:00EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS)
Moderators: Nibras Alhamadani, Abbas Basiri, Redouane Rabii, Ismail Abbarah
17:15-17:30Metabolic Evaluation of Stone Formers: In Whom and How Extensive ?,Kemal Sarica
17:30-17:45Uretreoscopic Management of Stones : What Has Changed in the Last Decade?, Azhar Khan
17:45-18:00Miniaturization in PNL : Did It Really Change Our Management Concepts of Minimally Invasive Stone Management ?, Emanuele Montanari
DAY 2Friday, 10th November , 2017
0800-10:30VIDEO SESSION IV- (Meeting Room 4)
Moderators: Sebastien Beley, Antoine Faix, Daniel Cevallier
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08:30-09:00Session VI - Management of Renal Masses: Panel Discussion
Moderator: Chandru Sundaram
Panelist: Ali Kural, Raed Azhar, Hosam Al-Qudah, Mohamed El Khouly,Omer Al-Derwish
09:00-09:30Session VII - Management of Challenging Cases in Endourology: Panel Discussion
Moderator: Arthur Smith
Panelist: Noor Bochholz, Janak Desai, Nilkamal Joshi, Athanasios Papatsoris, Adrian Joyce, Mohamad Lezrek
09:30-10:15Session VIII: State of the Art Lecture
Moderators: Amgad Farouq, AbdulQadir AL-Zarooni, Abdulla AlMeamari
09:30-09:45Complications of Percutaneous Renal Surgery and Ureteroscopy, Arthur Smith
09:45-10:00Troubleshooting During Laparoscopic/Robotic Renal Surgery, Chandru Sundaram
10:00-10:15Vaginal Sling for SUI: Is it Safe and Reliable?, Sherif Mourad
10:15-10:30Ideal Evolution and Current Status of RA-RIRS, Anup Patel
10:30-10:45COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:15Industry Supported Symposium
11:00-12:30ORAL ABSTRACTS SESSION II - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator: Emad Elsobky, Tharwat Abdelghaffar, Debashish Singupta
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11:15-12:15Session V: Best of the Best Video Session
Moderator: Yasser Farahat
Judges: Arthur Smith, Chandru Sundaram, Abdulqadir Alzarooni, Ali Kural, Zhamshid Okhunov, Ibrahim Mokhles
Presenters: Leonardo Misuraca, Ahmed Ghazi, Lokesh Patni, Anup Patel, Mohammed Lezrek, Ali Thwaini, Hashim Hashim, Sergio Valenti, Samer Schakaki, Hisham Maghraby
12:15-12:30Closing Remarks, Arthur Smith & AbdulQadir AL-Zarooni
Announcement of world video 2018 Moscow: by Zhamshid Okhunov
12:30-14:00LUNCH & PRAYERS
14:00-15:30ORAL ABSTRACTS SESSION III - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator:Dawood Kashmoula, Hamdy Aboutaleb, Ismail AlKhalidi
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14:00-15:30EUS-EAU Session 1: Functional Urology
Moderators: Mohsen El Mekresh, Foroozan Khezri, Francesco Cappellano, Faisal Abdelaziz
14:00-14:20Nocturia – Current Definitions and Management, Hashim Hashim
14:20-14:40Management of Spinal Cord Injury, Francisco Cruz
14:40-15:00Are All Treatments for Overactive Bladder Equal?, Hashim Hashim
15:00-15:20Stress Urinary Incontinence Females, Francisco Cruz
15:30-16:00Industry Supported Symposium
16:00-16:30COFFEE BREAK
16:30-18:00ORAL ABSTRACTS SESSION IV - (Meeting Room 4)
Moderator: Mohamad Aloom, Khairalla Alhusani, Mohamad Reda Aljumaili
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16:30-18:00EUS-EAU Session 2: Prostate Cancer
Moderators: Reinhold Zimmermann, Ali Thawani, Yousef Almurawi,Wael Tosoon
16:30-16:50The Urinoma as a Source for Biomarkers, Chris Huibert Bangma
16:50-17:10Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: A Real Progress for our Patient?, Alexandre de la Taille
17:10-17:30Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer, Chris Huibert Bangma
17:30-17:50How to Improve Metastatic Cancer Prostate Patient Survival with New Hormonal Therapies and Stragegies, Alexandre de la Taille
DAY 3Saturday, 11th November , 2017
08:30-10:00SIU Session I - Bladder Tumor
Moderators: Patrick Coloby, Mohsen El Mekresh, Ibrahim Bani Hani
08:30-08:40Welcome SIU, Jean de la Rosette
08:40-09:00NBI-Image 1S-PDD-CLE in Bladder Cancer, Jean de la Rosette
09:00-09:20How to Perform TURBT, Pilar Laguna
09:20-09:40How to Best Treat T1G3?, Makarand Khochikar
09:40-10:00How to Treat BCG Failure, Kilian Gust
10:00-10:30COFFEE BREAK
10:30-12:00SIU Session II - Upper Tract Tumor
Moderators: Pilar Laguna, AbdulQadir AL-Zarooni, Emad Elsobki
10:30-10:50Conservative Treatment, Jean de la Rosette
10:50-11:10Nephroureterectomy, Kilian Gust
11:10-11:30Which Urinary Diversion?, Patrick Coloby
11:30-11:50Tips and Tricks in Bladder Cancer Treatment, Makarand Khochikar
12:00-13:00EUS - SIU Case Presentations
Moderator: Kilian Gust
Panelist: Makarand Khochikar, Pilar Laguna, Patrick Coloby, Fayz Hamad, Tharwat Abdelghafar, Mouwafaq Salman
13:00-13:10Closing Remarks, Jean de la Rosette, AbdulQadir AL-Zarooni, Yasser Farahat