Intermediate Laparoscopy Course & Suturing Exercises

10th November 2017, Timing TBA
Jumeirah Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi
USD 150* – workshop only, refreshments, certificate of attendance

*delegates registered to attend EUSC 2017 are entitled for 50% discount on the workshop fee.

  • Introduction by course coordinator (15 minutes)
  • Hands-on-training at different suturing models (75 minutes)
  • Questions and answers, tips and tricks (30 minutes)

Aims and Objectives:

Laparoscopic procedures are continuously evolving in urology based on the increasing expertise of urologic surgeons. Since more centres and urologists are interested in minimal invasive surgery and offers advanced laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures the number of laparoscopic cases are increasing.

In this context laparoscopic training programmes have become more important than before and playing an important role in learning laparoscopy. Reconstructive laparoscopic techniques, such as pyeloplasty, uretro-vesical anastomosis, ureteral reimplantation and sacropexy requires expertise in endoscopic suturing.

ESUT training group has development and validated a comprehensive program of laparoscopic suturing which is simulating different steps of reconstructive laparoscopic procedures.

The workshop provides an interactive hands-on training  of different laparoscopic suturing and knot tying techniques on pig badder and chicken leg models. The applications for different suture materials (standard and barbed sutures) utilized in reconstructive urologic laparoscopy will also be reviewed. The attendees will be trained in manipulating and loading the needle, perform single knote and continous sutures with both hands in different directions, knotting  and tissue reapproximation.

Hands-on training (HOT) sessions will be carried out under the guidance of experienced ESUT and local tutors who will actively guide trainees through the different training steps.